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About the Fund

The DeGroote Experience Fund is used to help DeGroote students learn through experience. Funding is available to DeGroote students or student teams for national and international competitions, conferences, leadership workshops, and a wide variety of events when they do not conflict with work commitments (internship, co-op, summer) and/or academic requirements.

The Fund can be used for any of the following purposes:

  • Major national and international conferences, competitions and events with a budget over $20,000, organized and hosted by DeGroote students (unique from student club events). For example: DeGroote’s MBA DISC Case Competition for its inaugural year.
  • National and international case competitions hosted by other schools or organizations in which teams of DeGroote students compete. First consideration goes to competitions with a long history of DeGroote participation. For example: John Molson MBA Case Competition, JDCC or International Collegiate Business Strategy Competition (UG).
  • External competitions, conferences, and extra-curricular activities that complement in-class learning are undertaken by teams or individual students. For example: KGP Case Competition (MBA), Rocky Mountain Business Seminar (UG), or Queen’s Conference on International Business.

The DeGroote Experience Committee—including the Associate Dean-Undergraduate Programs, MBA Director, and Director of Student Experience—evaluates written requests as they come in and provides funding where applicable. Funding requests for activities that require students to miss work commitments are usually not approved. For more information or any questions, contact the Student Experience Team.


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