(Mondaña, Ecuador, February 13-21, 2016)

Toronto-based MEtoWE, a for-profit social enterprise, coordinates volunteer trips to a number of developing countries around the world, including: China, India, Kenya, Nicaragua and Ecuador. The February 2016 excursion to Ecuador was the first-ever trip offered to McMaster students. A team of eight students from DeGroote helped build a new residence for doctors in the remote community of Mondaña, located on the Rio Napo in the Ecuadorian Amazon. The team also spent time learning from and socializing with community members and their children.

A group of people on a river boat, an excursion through the MEtoWE program

Participants from DeGroote

  • Anisha Rajkumar
  • Hilary Demsey
  • Michaela Verstraten
  • Brenna Jolicoeur
  • Jonathan Lang
  • Parker McColl
  • Scarlett Shao
  • Sydney Wilson


“This trip was beneficial on a personal level, as it allowed me to get outside my comfort zone. It also allowed to experience everything I have learned about in class first-hand, including environmental and economical sustainability and the importance of recognizing cultural differences.”

Anisha Rajkumar

“MEtoWE teaches lessons in sustainability, cultural awareness and open-mindedness. In a world that is increasingly global, business students must be open to cross-cultural experiences.”

Jonathan Lang
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